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Geoff Cousteau?


Well it wasn’t exactly movie material, but it couldn’t have been more dramatic. We were somewhere in Melanesia. The shark and Geoff Nate were facing off on the edge of some remote coral reef. It was hardly an even match. Be our guests and share a few of this blogger’s “Adventures in Paradise.”

Chapter 1:  “Melanesia 1984″…  It was just the two of us, face-to-face, the beast and this blogger, with no place to hide. There’s a backstory here and fortunately this diver survived to tell the tale.  [Open]

Chapter 2:  “Indonesia 1987″…  The survivors return to the South Pacific once again in search of new tropical challenges.  [Open]

Chapter 3:  “Miracle in the Caribbean”…  Geoff Nate’s non-diving spouse’s bold surprise.  [Open]


Be sure and visit our Begged and Borrowed segment, which includes a short video featuring some of the coral reefs’ tiny but beautiful creatures and the role they play in maintaining the health of the reef and their fellow inhabitants.  [Open]


Readers are invited to comment on any article featured in Geoff Nate’s Blog. A box at the conclusion of each segment is provided to encourage reader responses. Negative comments will, of course, be ignored.


Access to all previous blog articles can be found under the archive heading above or by clicking here:   (Archives)

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